Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November New Moon

Making love to the half saturine bowl of her long
tired body. The machinery of long-bred marriage
seem frankly meager in the making, as if a Lord 
God bird sighting was dark meat in the covert close.

Back of a forgotten monstrance of stark work in the fields
and winter pastures north east of Salt Creek. Past the fork
of the drying Middle Emma and East Emma. The passion stands
in the Frontenac vines woven with wires of abandonded homestead.

Dispencing treatments to the fallen bell cow and weirded cattle
of nearer my God to thee last forgotten war of money and meat.
Sara is abandoning all pretense to the soon-to-be forcasted
Eucharistic portion that is her allottment and stringed strength.

Abram tools and work the English saddles weak under the pressure
of tool work and stamping--his mind flutters and scives. Her bottoming
is a figure of speech in the dream frakture poppery of hope trunking
lost work, lost desire born of sheep farming and dry land wheat.

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