Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Idols and the culture of death

Perhaps this ordination hunt is really just jumping the shark for another idol from the principalties and powers of death. Perhaps this "I am worthy" standard was given to me by well-meaning elders, prophets, ministers and priest simply because of my precociousness, my promiscuity with god talk and my ability to master diction registers. Perhaps this contested space is just one more vain and egocentric project to prove worthiness of salvation, redemption and working it out.

Deacons seem either tired, arrogant or co-dependent.
Priests seem to be burnt embers on the way to ash.

Perhaps the baptised teacher, poet, farmer, & humanist is worthy enough.

The meditations on the baptism of Jesus and the well-beloved son are making the rounds instead of the oft-mentioned "feed my sheep" schtick. 

Perhaps, the baptised version of the order given me as a child to preach, to correct, and to prophesy is to let that idol go.

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